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Global Secure Data Exchange Portal 

The biggest threat to your data security is lurking in your inbox!

Email is used as the primary means for data sharing with clients, suppliers, and other partners but did you know that email data breaches were the main cause of critical data loss in financial, legal and professional firms?  Most significantly, misaddressed emails was the biggest form of data loss reported by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in the UK in 2017.

Confidential data ending up in the wrong hands can have devastating effects on an organisation including personal data being compromised, major reputational damage, direct financial loss, and fines for breaking GDPR and Data Protection laws.

The Assessmint Exchange Portal is a cloud-based solution for organisations looking for a global secure data exchange portal using a single secure platform hosted in the United Kingdom.

Project Management

Organise your data collection activities into scheduled projects to meet your business timescales.

  • Manage your projects by area, client, product, service, location as required.

  • Select data provider organisation, data collection templates, start date and end date.

  • Launch your projects!


Data Collection Templates and User Instructions

Ensure you collect high quality, consistent and accurate data. 

  • Create libraries of custom data collection templates including documents, spreadsheets, sample files.

  • Add detailed usage instructions to help people complete their assignments.

Create data collection assignments

Manage individual data collection tasks quickly and easily.

  • Select project and add new assignment

  • Choose template (if required)

  • Choose provider

  • Set deadline date

  • Send assignment!


Provider Portal

Providers get email alerts to tell them that messages and tasks are waiting for them at their provider portal.  A provider uses the portal to:

  • Access new tasks assigned to them

  • Submit completed tasks

  • Correct and resubmit rejected tasks

  • Chat with the project team

Multi-Language Support

Exchange makes it easy for organisations to provide multi-language support for users and providers.  Users and providers select their preferred language and timezone for their Exchange experience.


Secure Chat Channel

A secure audited chat channel, real-time and offline, between data providers and the project team to answer questions, provide feedback and receive additional data.

Assignment management

Centrally manage and monitor all assignments.  Take action on individual assignments or group actions for many assignments.  Management actions include:

  • Assign and reassign to provider

  • Accept and reject assignment

  • Chat with provider

  • Cancel assignment

  • Close completed assignment


Looking for A Custom Data Exchange Solution?

We are here to help you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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