"all-in-one" GDPR Compliance Portal

The Assessmint "all-in-one" GDPR Compliance Portal 

  • is a comprehensive cloud-based solution,

  • with no limitations on number of active users,

  • no limitation on the volume of  Subject Access Requests (SARs), Risks, Issues or Breaches managed,

  • for organisations looking for a cost-effective way to manage their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018

  • using a single secure platform hosted in the United Kingdom

1: GDPR Status Dashboard

Understand your GDPR status on Subject Request Management, GDPR Policies, Data Breach Management, GDPR Risks, Issues, and Tasks at a glance on a single dashboard.

2: GDPR Policy Checklist

Immediately understand your position regarding the GDPR policies every company needs to have in place.

3: GDPR Subject Request Form

Start becoming compliant in minutes by embedding our Subject Access Request form in your own website with a 1-line change.

6: Subject Access Request Management Dashboard

Login to your GDPR Portal to manage your GDPR governance and access all the SARs (subject access requests) raised.

10: Manage each SAR on one screen

Manage each Subject Access Request all on one simple and easy tabbed screen with access to all the original information and the ongoing information you both add.

20: Log and Manage all data breaches

GDPR mandates that you maintain a log of all data breaches and govern them.

22: Manage GDPR Risks and Issues

Manage and govern GDPR risks and issues within the portal to provide a full overview of all aspects of your GDPR Compliance.


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