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The Governance & Compliance Portal

Because email and spreadsheets are no longer acceptable for gathering information and ensuring compliance.

Welcome to, the secure platform to allow you to track and manage all your governance and compliance activities in one place and deliver peace of mind to executives. 

  • Gather critical information from people

  • Assign and manage tasks

  • Run assessments

  • Confirm things are done

  • and Audit everything one secure platform.

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Platform Features & Functionality

Assessmint already includes many features and functionality to enable global organisations and businesses to collect information and files securely.

Mobile Friendly

Multi-lingual Data Forms

Secure File Upload

Granular Security Profiles

Chat Collaboration

Notifications & Alerts

Web Services APIs

Branding & Theming

Import / Export

People & Projects

Our Business

How We Get Started

Founded in 2012, our incredible team of engineers, architects, and business experts have worked tirelessly to bring to the forefront of the world of compliance monitoring.  We strive to enhance our users’ everyday experiences with our innovative and insightful technology.

We aim to provide excellence to all of our users; business owners, auditors, data contributors, data analysts, and end users. researches their challenges, habits, their motives, and what they really want in a compliance monitoring platform. We then internalize and synthesize all of this information to improve our own business and product. We have, and will continue to work relentlessly to become the technological standard for secure data collection which industry leaders not only approve of, but depend on as well.


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